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Keep honest kids honest: Cell phone 📱 safety for kids

Keep honest kids honest: Cell phone 📱 safety for kids If you’ve seen our other newsletters and videos you know we appreciate our rights and privacy. This month we are talking about kids, and we all know kids don’t remain silent unless they have a cell phone 📱 in their hands. Here are some ways to […]

Blood alcohol tube recall bigger than anticipated

Thousands of tubes used to collect blood for DWI cases have been recalled by the manufacturer. BD issued a recall because of an error that could change the results of blood alcohol analysis. The Houston Police Department has confirmed they have tubes from the lot that was recalled, approximately 2,600. BD also manufactures blood tubes […]

5 ways to secure your cell phone from the police

5 ways to secure your cell phone from the police Set a password. You can use a numeric password, Face ID, Touch ID, or whatever your phone supports. Keep nosey acquaintances from seeing your private items. Set up an iCloud or Google account and KNOW your password. If your phone is confiscated or lost you […]

New Year’s is no-refusal and “you’re probably going to jail”

What Should You Do if You’re Pulled Over on New Year’s Eve? “We have a plan for you,” Berg said, “which involves getting evaluated and then probably going to jail.” This quote was published by the Houston Chronicle on December 26, 2018. Thanks to the Harris County District Attorney’s office for putting it out there. […]

Should you refuse a breath test during the holidays?

Should you refuse a breath test during the holidays? Driving after you’ve been drinking during the holidays is risky. Cops are out more than ever this time of year.   Typically, you get pulled over for some traffic offense. Don’t argue with the cop. You have nothing to gain. Don’t admit to anything (i.e. drinking, driving, riding a reindeer, stealing all of […]

Don’t get charged with assault during the holidays

How to Avoid Assault Charges This Holiday Season We are all getting ready for Thanksgiving, and that usually means a lot of family time, turkey and alcohol. Every year we represent many people charged with assaulting family members (and we get great results). Here are a few tips to help you stay out of trouble during the holidays, and how to […]

What to do (and not do) when you’re stopped by the police.

Dos and Don’ts When You’re Detained by Police You have to give your name and date of birth. You can hand them your ID or tell them. This one isn’t negotiable. You can be arrested for not providing your name and date of birth. Don’t admit to anything. If you have a kilo in the car, they aren’t […]

Five things police screw up that are GREAT for you!

Law Enforcement Mistakes That Can Work in Your Favor No probable cause for a traffic stop Officers can’t pull you over without a legal reason. They screw this one up a lot! Search without consent You’re standing on the side of the road, blinded by flashing police lights, with a police officer requesting consent to […]