Keep honest kids honest: Cell phone 📱 safety for kids

Keep honest kids honest: Cell phone 📱 safety for kids

If you’ve seen our other newsletters and videos you know we appreciate our rights and privacy. This month we are talking about kids, and we all know kids don’t remain silent unless they have a cell phone 📱 in their hands. Here are some ways to keep your kids safe while online.

  • No photos without clothes!

    Sending photos without clothes is typically not a good idea. Beginning September 1, 2019, if you send an explicit photo without consent from the recipient, it is a class C offense punishable by a fine of up to $500. This applies to any form of electronic transmission, messaging apps, dating apps, email or otherwise.

  • Location sharing apps.

    Many apps will share cell phone location without the user knowing. Snapchat, Skout, Badoo, and many others share location information. Check the location settings on phones and enable parental controls to prevent your kids from changing their location settings (and to keep your honest kids honest).

  • Location data in photos.

    Cell phones store location data in photos. You or your kids could be sending location info without even knowing it!

  • Video sharing apps.

    TikTok, Live.me, Holla, and other video sharing apps are very popular. If your kids use these make sure they don’t accidentally have identifiable information. The name of a school on their clothes, signs in the background, or other information could give away their identity and location.

  • “Anonymous” chat apps.

    (Whisper is one example): Anyone can log in and post an anonymous message, however users can message each other privately. There have been many reports of cyber bullying and many times users share locations with strangers.

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