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Nondisclosure of Criminal History or Sealing Record

The procedure for a nondisclosure in Texas

File a Petition for Nondisclosure to Seal Criminal Record in Houston

In Texas most people who successfully complete deferred adjudication probation are eligible to have their record sealed. Jay Cohen is a lawyer experienced in petitions for nondisclosure.

With some exceptions, (most commonly assault family violence) a person with little or no criminal history can be placed on deferred adjudication probation.  The benefit of deferred adjudication is, once successfully completed, not having a conviction and the opportunity to have the arrest sealed or nondisclosed.

Having an DWI offense or driving while intoxicated conviction on your professional record can cause problems for you down the road. Particularly in getting licensed by the Texas Medical Board, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, the Texas Board of Nursing, and other professional licensing boards.

Loans for housing and education may also be more difficult to get with any type of arrest on your record. Most lending insititutions do a background check and evaluation to determine your character and fitness.

There is good news! You are likely eligible for either an expunction or a nondisclosure. With the help of the best lawyer in Houston, you can get started on clearing up your record.

Update: DWI Records Can be Sealed as of July 2017.

The technical term is a petition for nondisclosure. This means once the process is complete, no one will be able to see you were arrested other than the government.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Nondisclosures & Sealing Your Criminal Record

Am I eligible to have my DWI sealed with a petition for nondisclosure?

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a nondisclosure of a DWI conviction in Texas:

  • Must be a first time offender
  • Breath and/or blood test must be below 0.15
  • DWI cannot involve an accident with another person (even if they are a passenger)

How long do I have to wait after completing a deferred adjudication probation before I can have my record sealed with a petition for nondisclosure?

You’ve probably never heard this from a lawyer but, it depends. If you completed a deferred probation for a felony offense, you have to wait 5 years. If it’s a misdemeanor you are likely eligible immediately unless it is one of the following, unlawful restraint, assault, disorderly conduct, indecency, weapon offenses, anything that has to do with others.

Am I eligible for a nondisclosure if I was charged with an offense after I finished my probation?

If you were charged with another crime you could still be eligible for a nondisclosure. The requirement is that enough time passed after you completed your probation. Five years for a felony and two years for a misdemeanor.

Call attorney Jay Cohen to start the process to clear your criminal history today.

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