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Blass Law Teen Responsibility Scholarship

Blass Law is providing an annual scholarship of $2,500 to a student committed to ending the problem of teen drinking and driving in their community. Students have a deadline of June 15, 2020 to apply for the scholarship using the form on this page.

The scholarship is available to students enrolled in a four-year college or university. Applicants should include an essay on the dangers of driving while intoxicated. The essay must include a plan for raising awareness about the dangers of driving while intoxicated with other members of their peer group.

See below for more information about the eligibility criteria and to read the essay prompt.

Blass Law Encourages and Supports Teen Responsibility and Accountability

Attorney Jay Cohen, the founder of Blass Law, has a profound understanding of the devastation that a DWI conviction can have on one’s life and future. Unfortunately, teens sometimes fail to recognize the repercussions if they are charged with, and convicted of, driving while intoxicated.

“Driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs wreaks havoc on people’s lives,” said Cohen. “Not only could it cause a serious accident, but young people who are convicted of DWI are beginning their lives with a black mark on their record before they even become adults.”

Blass Law created this scholarship to encourage teens to think about ways to create a safer driving environment for everyone in their community.

Eligibility for the Teen Responsibility Scholarship

If you are applying for the Blass Law Teen Responsibility Scholarship, you must meet the criteria listed below:

  • You have a GPA of 3.0 (attach your unofficial transcript to the application form);
  • You are enrolled in a four-year college or university;
  • Submission of a 500- to 1,000-word essay on the below topic; and
  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Essay Questions

Please answer this essay question in 500 to 1,000 words. Attach it as a PDF as part of your application.

Why do teens risk their lives and the lives of others by driving while under the influence? And what is your plan to inform, educate, and raise awareness about the dangers of driving while intoxicated among your peers?

Scholarship Application Instructions

Blass Law will only consider applications submitted using the form on this page. Applicants must fill out each required field and must attach their unofficial transcript and their essay in PDF format. Applicants must also type their full name at the bottom of the application which will serve as their electronic signature.

The deadline to apply is June 15, 2020.

Scholarship Application Form

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Having trouble submitting your application?  Make sure your transcript and essay are in PDF format and less than 3MB in size.