Drug Charges

Lawyer for Drug Charges in Houston: Safeguard Your Rights & Your Freedom

When you’re facing drug charges in Houston, it’s understandable to be anxious and afraid of what’s going to happen to you. After all, conviction of a drug crime in Texas carries some of the harshest penalties of any crime. Simply having a small amount of certain controlled substances in your possession can be a felony, meaning you could spend time in state jail or prison, pay thousands of dollars in fines, lose your job, and lose just about everything.Don’t go to your hearing without an experienced drug case lawyer who has defended felony drug charges successfully in Harris County Criminal Courts.

Relax. Defense Lawyer Jay Cohen is here to help.

As a knowledgeable, passionate drug charges defense attorney, I am dedicated to protecting your rights and your freedom. No matter what type of drug case you are facing, I can help you increase your chances of having the charges against you dropped, reduced, nobilled, or a not guilty verdict.

As your attorney, I will take the time to examine all of the evidence and details surrounding your case. I will ask the right questions and look for any holes I can find in the police’s evidence and the prosecution’s case.

You will receive the personal attention and committed defense that you deserve. This means you get one-on-one time with your defense attorney, answers to your biggest questions, and sound legal counsel that will set you up for a favorable outcome to your case.

Defense for All Drug Charges

I work with clients facing all types of drug charges, including:

It doesn’t matter what the drug in question is—prescription narcotics, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, or anything else—I will be your advocate and ensure your rights are protected.

Drug crimes are treated very seriously in Houston and in the state of Texas. The city and state are aggressively fighting the war on drugs, and anyone charged with drug crimes in Houston could be looking at time in prison. In fact, depending on the circumstances of your case, a drug conviction could actually get you life in prison.

You simply can’t risk losing your freedom. That’s why you must arm yourself with knowledgeable and an experienced lawyer.

Jay Cohen will give you the defense you deserve against all types of crimes. No matter what type of drug crime you’re being charged with—prescription, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or ecstasy and other designer drugs—you can be sure that I will fight relentlessly to help you win your case or reduce the charges against you.

As a client, you will always receive:

  • One-on-one attention from your drug crimes defense lawyer
  • True Houston drug crime expertise and sound legal counsel
  • Affordable legal services to fit your budget

Drug Charges our Firm Defends

  • Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, Controlled Substances, Prescription Drugs
  • Trafficking Controlled Substances, Prescription Drugs, Opiates, or Meth
  • Intent to Distribute or Selling Drugs
  • Growing or Manufacturing Ecstasy, Meth, Molly, Bath Salts, Marijuana

Remember, drug crimes in Houston carry harsh penalties. You could be looking at anywhere from a few months in prison to lifetime imprisonment, fines up to $10,000, the loss of your job, and a host of other severe consequences.

Let me put my knowledge of the justice system and Houston drug crimes to work for you, helping you stay out of jail and preserve your freedom.

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If you have been arrested or charged with felony, misdemeanor, or federal drug cases in Texas, remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Now is the time to make sure your rights are protected. Now is the time to fight back. Let attorney Jay Cohen take a closer look at your case, so you can get on the path to preserving your freedom.

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